CO2 bonus: We reward low-consumption vehicles!

Benefit from an attractive instant cash payout when importing a low co2 car.

You have imported a car into Switzerland that has not been registered abroad for more than 6 months? The vehicle is below the required limit of 130 grams per kilometre? According to the CO2 Ordinance, you will not be “rewarded” by the state for this. CO2 Börse AG is changing this with an attractive cash payout without limit. It does not matter how many vehicles you import per year. Request a free callback now.

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Who benefits from a CO2 bonus?

Companies and private individuals receive a CO2 bonus.

How high is the CO2 bonus?

The CO2 bonus varies according to vehicle weight and CO2 emissions. A possible CO2 bonus can be calculated on the site at any time in seconds.

How do I wrap the CO2 tax via CO2 Börse AG?

Simply send us the Form 13.20 A and the COC (EC Declaration of Conformity) to You will then receive all further information.

What are the terms?

The vehicle must be registered in the same calendar year.

Why CO2 Börse AG?

CO2 Börse AG has been supporting over 1000 car dealers in Switzerland and abroad since 2012 on all aspects of the CO2 tax and is itself recommended by Energie Schweiz. In order to be able to offer you the highest transparency and the fastest CO2 processing, the only CO2 trader platform in Switzerland was developed.

Electric car transfer premium and CO2 bonus in Thurgau?

If you buy an electric car abroad and allow it in the canton of Thurgau, you will receive a transfer premium and a CO2 bonus since 18 January 2019.

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