How much does the CO2 tax on car imports cost for private individuals?

Calculate online the CO2 tax on car imports by private individuals into Switzerland. The CO2 tax calculator compares for you the costs according to BFE/ASTRA and the reduced rate of CO2 Börse AG.

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Which vehicle values do I have to take into account for the CO2 tax?

The CO2 tax is calculated in accordance with the CO2 Ordinance on the basis of the COC (Certificate of Conformity). The manufacturer’s document provides exact values about your vehicle. The Federal Office of Energy, also has its own CO2 emission calculator Astra.


empty weight

Under point 13.2 “Actual mass of the vehicle” you will find the unladen weight.

Rule of thumb: The higher the weight, the higher the CO2 emission may be.


You will also find the exact CO2 emissions on the COC. The CO2 values are shown in urban, extra-urban and combined form. For the calculation we need the combined value.

What to do after the CO2 tax calculation?

As soon as you have calculated the CO2 tax, send us the original COC and 13.20 A (Swiss customs document) by post to CO2 Börse AG for processing:

CO2 Börse AG
Büelrainstrasse 15a
8401 Winterthur

As soon as we have received the documents, we process the CO2 tax via our CO2 pool at the Federal Roads Office. The original documents will then be returned to you by post.

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