What is the CO2 tax ?

Are you shying away from importing a car because of the CO2 tax?
With the CO2 Börse AG, that is not necessary!

In 2012, the act for reducing CO2 emissions, popularly known as the CO2 tax law, was introduced.  With it, the federal government is able to influence the CO2 pollution which is caused by vehicles with a steering tax. In this report you will learn what the CO2 tax is exactly, how much of a discount is possible and how you can profit from this.

For which import vehicles do you have to pay a CO2 tax?

A car that had not yet been registered for more than 6 months in another country before it was imported to Switzerland is subject to the CO2 tax. What is relevant here is the date of the initial registration date when compared to the Swiss customs stamp. However, not every imported new or shortly previously-owned vehicle is subject to CO2 tax expenses. If the CO2 emissions of the car are below the limit value, then the transactions for the import car can be made at no charge. Whether a CO2 tax will be imposed and how high it would be if so can be calculated using the online CO2 tax calculator from CO2 Börse.

How can the CO2 tax and a possible discount be calculated?

In order to calculate the CO2 tax quickly and easily, CO2 Börse AG provides you with the CO2 tax calculator. The pre-requisite for a correct calculation of the CO2 tax is the existing vehicle documents. Only the COC indicates the relevant data under Point 13.2 (actual mass) and Point 49 (combined CO2 value). If a COC is not (yet) available, then the Auto database from ADAC can be used to make an approximate calculation.

How can the CO2 Börse AG provide such high discounts on the CO2 tax?

CO2 Börse AG creates incentives for Swiss car dealers and large-scale importers to conduct transactions for cars with favourable CO2 emissions. This responsibly administers CO2 pool makes it possible to use cars with low emissions to compensate for cars with high emissions. This enables us to provide a large discount on CO2 tax to companies and private individuals importing a car.

How does the Swiss Federal Roads Authority calculate the CO2 tax?

The CO2 tax is calculated by the Swiss Federal Roads Authority (ASTRA) in Switzerland in two different ways:


For private individuals and small-scale importers, the CO2 sanction is calculated individually for each and every imported car.


Large-scale importers which import more than 50 cars per year into Switzerland can run a CO2 pool. In this case, the calculation for the CO2 tax is based on the average CO2 emissions and the tare weight of all imported cars within a CO2 pool. CO2 Börse AG processes the CO2 tax this way for many thousands of imported cars every year.

How do I process the CO2 tax through CO2 Börse AG?

In order to process the tax through CO2 Börse AG, only the following documents are required in their original form:


✓ Inspection form. 13.20 A, which you receive from Swiss customs

✓ COC (Certificate of Conformity), which is provided to you by the manufacturer.


Simply send us these documents after the car has been imported to Switzerland and we will process the CO2 tax for you within a few days.


Of course, you are also very welcome to visit us on location.


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