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Benefit from an attractive immediate cash payout when importing a low-carbon car.

If you have imported a low-CO2 car into Switzerland that is subject to the CO2 tax, you will not receive a reward from the state. CO2 Börse AG now offers attractive cash payments without limits.

The number of imported vehicles per year is irrelevant. Request a free callback now.

CO2 tax bonus calculator

Please state the weight (item 13.2) and the combined CO2 emissions (item 49) of your vehicle according to the COC document.

*incl. VAT

CO2-Bonus FAQ

A CO2 bonus is available to companies and private individuals.

The CO2 bonus varies depending on the weight and CO2 emissions of the vehicle. On the website, the possible CO2 bonus can be calculated at any time within seconds.

To process the CO2 tax for private individuals, we need the following documents and information:

  • Form 13.20 A
  • CoC / EC Certificate of Conformity
  • Swiss customs receipt
  • Foreign vehicle registration document
  • Mileage

Please send us these documents by post to the following address:

CO2 Börse AG Büelrainstrasse 15a 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland

As a rule, the entire process takes three to five days.

The vehicle must be registered in the same calendar year.

Since 2012, CO2 Börse AG has been supporting more than 1000 car dealers in Switzerland and abroad in matters relating to the CO2 tax and is recommended by Energie Schweiz itself. In order to guarantee you optimum transparency and fast processing of CO2, we have developed the only CO2 trading platform in Switzerland.

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