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With self-acceptance and parallel type approval more efficient for approval.

Efficient vehicle homologation in Switzerland

The import of vehicles into Switzerland requires careful homologation. Traditional methods such as motor vehicle inspections (MFK) are often time-consuming and complex. As a dedicated vehicle dealer, you are looking for more efficient solutions that speed up the process and ensure customer satisfaction.

Many people are familiar with the challenges of vehicle inspections: unclear requirements, long waiting times and multiple visits. Every delay not only costs money, but can also jeopardize your company’s reputation. Efficient homologation is essential for the smooth import of vehicles.

Self-acceptance speeds up the import of vehicles into Switzerland. Instead of waiting for the MFK, you take control: carry out the homologation process with us yourself, whenever you want. Whether buying or renting a type approval – we offer flexible solutions for vehicles with less than 2,000 km or less than 12 months.


Your success, our priority

Exclusive benefits for Swiss and German vehicle dealers

Maximum efficiency

Optimize your vehicle import. Our processes are specifically designed to save you time and money.

100% legal compliance

Guaranteed conformity with Swiss import regulations. Risk-free, reliable and always up-to-date.

Focus on flexibility

Individual solutions by purchasing or renting a type approval. Customize the homologation to your specific needs.

Years of expertise

You can rely on our in-depth knowledge of vehicle import and homologation. Our experience is your advantage.

Efficiency in 4 steps

Check the possibility

Use our dealer platform to check with the COC values whether a type approval is available for your vehicle.

Send documents

Send us the necessary documents (13.20A and COC) and we will take care of the rest.

Carry out self-acceptance

CO2 Börse AG carries out self-acceptance with the utmost professionalism and precision.

Receive documents

After self-acceptance, you will receive the documents you need to register your vehicle on the same day.

Frequently asked questions

Our specialized service is aimed at vehicles that have not been driven more than 2,000 km or are less than 12 months old. This ensures that the vehicles comply with the latest standards and regulations.

In any case! We check availability and can obtain a customized parallel type approval for your specific vehicle model, if available. Our aim is to provide you with a smooth import process.

Yes, we have a strong presence in Germany and actively support German retailers who are targeting the Swiss market. Our services make it much easier to export vehicles to Switzerland.

Legal compliance is our flagship. We continuously monitor changes in Swiss legislation and update our processes accordingly. You are always on the safe side with us.

Self-acceptance with CO2 Börse AG allows traders to speed up the import process considerably. You not only save valuable time, but also reduce the administrative workload. In addition, we support you with our many years of experience and expertise to dispel any uncertainties.

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