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What does the CO2 tax on car imports cost for private individuals?

Determine the CO2 tax for the import of cars or light commercial vehicles by private individuals into Switzerland online. The CO2 tax calculator compares the costs according to the SFOE and the reduced rate of CO2 Börse AG for you.

CO2 tax calculator

Please state the weight of your vehicle in accordance with point 13.2 and the combined CO2 emissions in accordance with point 49 in your COC document.

*incl. VAT

FAQ on the CO2 tax calculation

The CO2 tax is calculated in accordance with the CO2 Ordinance on the basis of the COC (Certificate of Conformity) calculated. The manufacturer’s document shows exact values about your vehicle. The Federal Office of Energy also maintains its own CO2 tax calculator, Astra.


Under item 13.2 “Actual mass of the vehicle” you will find the unladen weight.

Rule of thumb: The higher the weight, the higher the CO2 emissions may be.


The exact CO2 emissions can also be found under point 49 of the COC. The CO2 values are given for urban, extra-urban and combined. We need the combined WLTP value for the calculation.

As soon as you have calculated the CO2 tax, please send us the following original documents and information by post for processing:

  1. COC
  2. 13.20 A (Swiss customs document)
  3. Swiss customs receipt
  4. Foreign vehicle documents
  5. KM status

to the following address:

CO2 Börse AG
Büelrainstrasse 15a
8401 Winterthur

As soon as we have received the documents, we process the CO2 levy via our CO2 pool at the Federal Roads Office. You will then receive the original documents back by post.

The CO2 tax is an incentive tax levied on imported vehicles that exceed specified CO2 emission limits. It aims to reduce CO2 emissions and promote the import of more environmentally friendly vehicles.

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Yes, importers have the opportunity to reduce their costs in relation to the CO2 levy by using the services and programs of CO2 Börse AG. It is worth finding out about the various options for reducing the CO2 levy and taking advantage of the services offered by CO2 Börse AG.

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Importers can use the services of CO2 Börse AG to benefit from attractive discounts on the CO2 tax. The company’s special programs and incentives help to effectively reduce the cost of the CO2 levy.

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