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According to the CO2 Ordinance, small importers are companies and private individuals who import fewer than 50 vehicles per year. But the needs of the two species differ greatly. These are the CO2 tax solutions for parallel importers.

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A parallel importer is a company in the car trade from Switzerland or abroad that imports and sells vehicles in Switzerland. If the vehicle has been registered abroad for less than 6 months, the state levies aCO2 tax.

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The cost of this CO2 penalty depends on the vehicle weight and CO2 emissions. Low-CO2 passenger cars that are below the CO2 target value do not have to pay CO2 tax. However, if the vehicle deviates from the target value, the costs can quickly amount to several thousand francs.

In contrast tolarge importers, small importers have to settle the CO2 tax with the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) for each individual vehicle. Due to this circumstance, low-carbon vehicles cannot compensate for high-carbon passenger cars.


CO2 Börse AG developed a CO2 tax solution concept for small importers to support sustainable profitability despite CO2 sanctions.

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If a small importer imports a CO2-neutral vehicle, CO2 Börse AG pays the company a CO2 bonus for each individual car. However, if the vehicle is a high-carbon vehicle, CO2 Börse AG offers the CO2 levy at a reduced rate.

This solution model makes it possible that small importers are not at a direct disadvantage compared to large importers. Even the Swiss consumer protection agency praises this CO2 concept as a competitive advantage for the consumer.


To enable small importers to calculate CO2 taxes quickly and easily, CO2 Börse AG developed the car import platform. In addition to the costs and a possible discount, the company can also process the CO2 levy electronically within seconds. Registration for the trader platform is free of charge and can now be done here.

CO2 Börse AG is at the disposal of small importers on the subject of CO2 tax and car imports into Switzerland.