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Your partner for all aspects of the CO2 tax and car imports in Switzerland.

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CO2-Abgabe Informationen

Detailed information and analyses of the CO2 emissions from car import into Switzerland.

CO2-Abgabe Management

We support Swiss car importers in the handling of the CO2 levy with tailor-made CO2 pool management solutions.

CO2-Abgabe Kalkulator

Calculate the CARBON tax online and benefit from a bonus or a reduction.



Since 2012, CO2 Börse AG has been supporting Swiss car importers in the processing of the CO2 levy or CO2 tax. On the basis of our core business, we have developed into the largest Swiss import service provider for the automotive trade. As an independent partner, we now offer 28 different import services and are able to organize car imports from all over the world for you.

Thousands of import transactions form the basis of our knowledge. We are pleased that our customers have remained loyal to us for many years and rely on us as an outsourcing partner with confidence.

Our services

CO2 tax
CO2 tax solutions for car imports to Switzerland based on customers’ needs.
Insurance services for car imports and car dealers.
Financial services for buying a car abroad.
Transport and customs services for import to Switzerland
Vehicle inspection and registration in Switzerland
B2B car trade for CO2 Börse customers

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co2-boerse co2 abgabe co2 steuer auto importieren