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Are you importing a vehicle into Switzerland? You can calculate the CO2 levy quickly and easily at CO2 Börse AG.

Save time and money with our exclusive bonus or discount option that goes beyond the standard SFOE prices. We offer you a transparent solution for calculating and optimizing your CO2 tax when importing vehicles.

CO2 levy: calculation examples

Find out how much you can save on the CO2 tax. Our calculation examples show you how simple and advantageous our service is. See real examples of different vehicle types and CO2 values.

Porsche 991 4GTS

Porsche 991 4GTS
without us 10’327.00 CHF
with us 5’163.00 CHF

Porsche Macan S

Porsche Macan S
without us 6’907.00 CHF
with us CHF 3,453.00

Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson
without us 2’917.00 CHF
with us 1’458.00 CHF

Audi SQ7

Audi SQ7
without us 3’345 CHF
with us 1’672.00 CHF

Mercedes CLA 250

Mercedes CLA 250
without us 12’037.00 CHF
with us 6’018.00 CHF

Audi A6 Avant

Audi A6 Avant
without us 2’062.00 CHF
with us 1’031.00 CHF

CO2 tax calculator for vehicle imports

Enter the weight (item 13.2) and the combined CO2 emissions (item 49) of your vehicle according to the COC document. Our calculator immediately determines your amount including bonus or discount.

*incl. VAT

Frequently asked questions about the CO2 tax for private individuals

In 2012, the law to reduce CO2 emissions, also known as the CO2 tax for importing cars into Switzerland, was passed. This enables the federal government to regulate the CO2 pollution caused by vehicles with the help of an incentive tax.

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Use our CO2 calculator, enter the weight and CO2 emissions according to the COC document and the tax will be calculated immediately.

After you have calculated the CO2 tax, please send us the following original documents and information by post for processing:

  • COC
  • 13.20 A (Swiss customs document)
  • Swiss customs receipt
  • Foreign vehicle documents
  • Mileage

Please send the documents to the following address:

CO2 Börse AG Büelrainstrasse 15a 8401 Winterthur

As soon as we have received the documents, we will take care of processing the CO2 levy via our CO2 pool at the Federal Roads Office. You will then receive the original documents back by post.

Yes, the CO2 calculator is suitable for all vehicle types, provided you have the required information from the COC document.

The bonus or discount is taken into account directly when calculating the CO2 tax. A subsequent request is not possible.

As a rule, you will receive the final notification of your CO2 levy within a few days of submitting your documents.

Our service is financed by the bonus or discount, so there are no additional fees for you.

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